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ADATA Flash Disk 16GB USB 3.0 Dash Drive UV128, černý/žlutý (R: 40MB / W: 25MB)

Přidat do oblíbenýchADATA Flash Disk 16GB USB 3.0 Dash Drive UV128, černý/žlutý (R: 40MB / W: 25MB)
ADATA Flash Disk 16GB USB 3.0 Dash Drive UV128, černý/žlutý (R: 40MB / W: 25MB).

Kód produktu1034818
Part numberAUV128-16G-RBY
EAN produktu4713435796665
Záruka:99 Doživotní
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
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195.87 Kč
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Hlídací pes
The sleek design features a sliding USB connector, which smoothly extends from the drive at the push of a thumb. The capless mechanical design eliminates the hassle of lost drive caps. The USB connector can be made ready for use with just one hand, for greater convenience when speed is a must.

USB 3.0 High-Speed Transmission Interface
The USB 3.0 interface implements dual-channel transmission mode to deliver read speeds as high as 40MB/sec, and write speeds up to 25MB/sec, while retaining full backward compliance with USB 2.0 ports.

Easy Thumb Activated Capless Design
The USB connector is concealed in the compact body, fully protected without the need for a drive cap. A simple thumb swipe forward makes it ready to use, and the reverse motion stows the connector for storage or travel.

Graceful and Minimalist Design
The matte texture body is scratchproof and dirt-repellent. The UV128 comes in an elegant shape and in two stylish color schemes. The simple curves of this series make fashion more comfortable than ever.

Create Own Personal Style
The UV128 is conveniently designed with a strap hole so that one can easily loop a string through and connect to a keychain or a mobile phone.

*Strap accessory shown in image is not included with the product.

- Dimensions: 69 x 21 x 9mm (L x W x H)
- Weight: 11g
- Interface: Supports USB 3.0, backward compatible with USB 2.0

System requirements:
- Windows®: XP/Vista™/7 or later
- Mac®: OS10.5 or later
- Linux™: Kernel 2.6 or later

- Sequential write up to 25MB/sec.
Kapacita (v GB): 16
Verze USB: 3.0
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